Bosch IoT Device Management - will be discontinued by mid 2024

Connect the service instances

Navigate back to the Bosch IoT Suite UI and go to Connections on the left sidebar.

There you will set up a connection between your Bosch IoT Device Management and Bosch IoT Insights service instances.

On the first step of the Create a new connection wizard:

  • open the Connection category dropdown and select HTTP: Templates for Bosch IoT Insights

  • enter a Connection name of your choice, e.g. Insights

  • click Continue


On the second step of the wizard:

  • enter the project ID, username and password from the binding credentials of your Bosch IoT Insights service instance (see previous page).

  • click Continue


On the third step of the wizard:

  • enter an Authorization subject (a string of your choice, e.g. insights)

  • click Continue


On the next screen, click Test connection.

Once you have the green check mark on your screen, click Create.


Scroll down and open the Targets section.

From the Authorization subsection, copy the integration ID.

You will need it later when setting up a new policy entry for your Arduino device.