Bosch IoT Device Management - will be discontinued by mid 2024

Configure the device policy

To configure the device policy and allow Bosch IoT Insights to display data for the specific device:

  • navigate to Devices from the left sidebar and select your Arduino device

  • select the Policy blade

  • click the plus icon on the right to add a new policy entry


This opens the Policy entry view, where:

  • in the Label field, enter a label of your choice, e.g. INSIGHTS

  • in the Subjects field, click the plus icon to add a new subject

Upon that, a new column appears to the right, where you should enter the following Subject information:

  • from the Issuer dropdown, select integration

  • in the ID field, enter the rest of the integration ID which you copied in the previous step

    In case you missed to copy it, go to Connections from the left sidebar, open the newly created connection (Insights), open the Targets area and look for the Authorization field.

  • in the Type field, enter a string of your choice, e.g. insights-integration

  • click OK


Then click the plus icon in the Resources area to add the resource to which the subject will have access.

In the Resources column that opens to the right:

  • in the Path field, enter the thing:/features

  • check the Grant box for Read permissions

  • click OK


Upon that, click Save and the newly created policy entry will appear on the Entries list on the left.