Bosch IoT Device Management - will be discontinued by mid 2024

Configure log forwarding

I heard that the log entries of my managed connections can be stored in a custom data store.

What can I do if I need to collect connection logs from Bosch IoT Things managed connections?


Integration of project specific log forwarding is supported upon request.

Feel free to contact the team taking care of the digital twin layer via


Please send the following information using the official support ticket system:

  • The name of the project

  • The service instance ID

  • The type of support plan booked; a silver or gold support plan is necessary.

  • The infrastructure, where your managed connections are configured
    (e.g. is your Things service instance running on AWS, Microsoft Azure, or the private Bosch IoT Cloud)

  • Instruction where to send it.
    Currently we support AWS Cloudwatch, DataDog, and New Relic.

  • Starting date: this can for example be as soon a the request can be started (in the ideal case that the operations team has all necessary data) or a fixed date in future e.g. 01 January 2023.

  • Explicit declaration of your consent:
    "Whit this email the project xxx agrees with the following deviation in service operation:
    The Bosch IoT Suite operations team is allowed to act on behalf of the project team, and to forward ALL current and future log entries of the managed connections created in the context our the service instance ID xxx to a data store which is already booked by the project team, and where the project can access and use it for further purposes.
    The project xxx explicitly declares its consent to this forwarding, and is aware that the Bosch IoT Suite will not take over any liability on data privacy, security, integrity etc. on the target location.
    The current agreement can be changed, or terminated anytime in the same form (email via support channel)."

The Bosch IoT Suite operations team will react in a timely manner.

After getting this set of data our team will create such a forwarding.

The customer will be informed about the success or deviations with the same support ticket.

In case of a termination request, canceling the forwarding is expected within the next labor day in GERMANY, Baden-Württemberg, or within the hours declared in the existing support plan at the time of the latest request.