Bosch IoT Device Management - will be discontinued by mid 2024

Bosch IoT Device Management - Building blocks

To satisfy the requirements for scalable and secure management of large device fleets and for performing complex actions with them, Bosch IoT Device Management integrates services of the Bosch IoT Suite as its building blocks.

The following image illustrates the interrelations between the separate building blocks:


Customer IoT applications

Your IoT solution and further authorized IoT applications and services can access the data via the northbound APIs, ad hoc or via managed connections.

Bosch IoT Device Management

Bosch IoT Device Management is a pre-configured solution dedicated to support you to manage easy big fleets of devices.

Mass management layer

Organize your gateways and connected devices in groups or hierarchically, and use powerful rule-based automation for mass management tasks.

This software layer provides the possibility to send batch commands to static or dynamic groups of devices. It allows rule-based automation of such batch commands, which can be launched manually, or upon the occurrence of a specific event or point in time.

Software updates layer

Manage versions of firmware software and rollout campaigns to IoT devices and gateways and remotely deploy software and firmware components.

This software layer supports software and firmware updates for both constrained IoT devices and more powerful controllers and gateways.
It enables direct secure deployment through the user interface, as well as external rollout management by an IoT application via APIs.

Digital twin layer

Define namespaces to organize your digital twins, and provide a virtual representation for your physical assets in thing notation. The data structure and semantic of things and their features can be based on models, e.g. Eclipse Vorto.

Fine-grained access control to your things in organized via policies.

The main entity for the digital representation of your device is called а thing. As multiple customers can subscribe for this service, each subscription is separated via a solution ID.
Each solution can manage multiple namespaces and connections.

You can configure and manage the connections between services and external systems.

Device connectivity layer

Connect devices through IoT specific protocol adapters and manage their device identities and credentials. Retrieve telemetry data and events, or communicate with your device via command & control messages. Use the provisioning wizard and -API to register your devices at all layers at once (i.e. device, thing, and policy with one request).

In this software layer, each of your physical devices is represented as a device, with a device ID and credentials. As multiple customers can subscribe for this service, each subscription is separated via a tenant ID.

Bosch IoT Edge Agent

Use the Bosch IoT Edge Agent to connect devices to the cloud and deploy advanced Edge Services or custom logic to the devices using containers.

Bosch IoT Edge Agent is a modular native application that runs on the device. It is portable for a wide variety of device platforms, from small microcontrollers with Zephyr to powerful edge computing nodes.


Share the subscriptions of your organization with multiple team members in different roles, and manage OAuth2 clients for your IoT application.

  • Suite authorization - is the authorization functionality offered by Bosch IoT Suite.
    It supports developers in creating OAuth2 clients.

  • Bosch IoT Suite UI- it the web UI and entry point with quick access to intro material, all services, subscriptions, users and OAuth2 clients management, documentation, & APIs.
    It supports efficient work and advanced edit options for power users.

IoT Devices

Connect your devices and gateways to the Bosch IoT Suite by provisioning valid IDs and credentials in our system. Configure the device firmware to use the specific protocol adapter and valid credentials to access our device connectivity layer. The Edge Agent gives you the essential IoT enablement.

  • Connect stand-alone devices directly to our device connectivity layer.

  • Optionally, employ a field gateway to provide connectivity and local devices management for your devices.

  • Connect simple sensors via field gateways.

Further details

Once your subscription is ready, our service broker automatically sets up some of the required identifiers:

  • Your service instance ID - this is globally unique

  • Owner (Bosch ID) - this is the user who was authenticated at the moment of subscribing the instance.

  • Your tenant ID - for the device connectivity layer

  • Your solution ID - for the digital twin layer, however, a namespace is not created out of the box.

  • Your UI endpoint - for the mass management layer

  • Your password - for the software update layer

Having subscribed to Bosch IoT Device Management you will also have access to:

  • Download links and license files for Bosch IoT Edge and its add-ons.
    The license files are generated based on the information from the subscription.

  • Bosch IoT Suite APIs - an HTTP endpoint, which enables applications to use Bosch IoT Device Management programmatically.

  • Pre-configured connections between the service layers.

  • Bosch IoT Suite UI.