Bosch IoT Device Management - will be discontinued by mid 2024

Auth for service subscription

At the time of subscribing for Bosch IoT Device Management, you need a valid account.

This can be a Bosch Employee account or a SingleKey ID account.

Bosch Employee is the single-sign-on option for all Bosch employees. The identity provider (IDP) is Bosch AD.

SingleKey ID is the login option for all non-Bosch users. The identity provider (IDP) is SingleKey ID.

The two login options authenticate you for two different user accounts.


Authorization to book a service plan

After successful registration you are allowed to book a service plan.

The user who booked the service plan is regarded as the owner or purchaser depending on whether the account is associated with a SingleKey ID or a Bosch Employee account, respectively.

He is allowed to manage his organization and to invite further users to the team with the respective roles and permissions.