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2022-08-03 - Bosch IoT Suite login

The latest release of Bosch IoT Suite comes with a new authentication option for Bosch employees.

Bosch IoT Suite now supports a single-sign-on (SSO) for Bosch employees with their Bosch accounts, also known as Bosch AD as the identity provider system.

When you open Bosch IoT Suite, you can choose which user you want to authenticate:

  • Bosch Login is the single-sign-on approach recommended for all Bosch employees. It works with the Bosch AD as identity provider (IDP).

  • Bosch ID is the login for all non-Bosch users. It works with the Bosch ID as identity provider (IDP) and is now primarily intended for external customers. However, it is still available for Bosch employees as well.


If you as a Bosch employee have already registered a Bosch ID, you can choose which option you want to continue using, as the new one is offered in addition to the login with a Bosch ID.

Migration option

Please, note that both options require valid identification with a secure underlying identity provider (IDP) and lead to two different user accounts.

In case you as a Bosch employee have already registered a Bosch ID and prefer to move all privileges to the Bosch user, i.e. use the new SSO option, please proceed as follows:

  1. Choose Bosch Login and sign up with a new account.
    The new account setup is also necessary, but only once:

    The dialog will require also your company name and industry.
    All three confirmation boxes must be checked due to legal reasons, including the one that you register as an entrepreneur and not as a consumer.

  2. When you have created your new account, an organization is automatically created for it as well. However, you can be invited as a member to other organizations as well and switch between them.

  3. Use another browser or at least a new session and log in with the user (Bosch ID) who is the organization owner or manager of your old subscription.


  4. Invite the "new" Bosch AD user as a member of this organization. This action will result into an invitation email.
    The IDP column reveals which identity provider has assured the respective identity: Bosch ID, now primarily intended for external customers or Bosch AD, which is the Bosch internal active directory.

  5. Accept the invitation - make sure you use the Bosch Login this time.

  6. When you accept the invitation with your Bosch Login account, you will be directed to your account's main organization and will not yet see your old subscriptions.
    To see them, switch the organization in which you are operating and select the one you were just invited to.

  7. Check for example the Devices view of a subscription to see if this new user now has read and write permissions to the same list of devices as your old Bosch ID user account.
    If in doubt, check and adjust the policy of the respective digital twins.

  8. Optionally, the organization owner or manager can exclude the old Bosch ID user account from the subscription.

In case you need support, please do not hesitate to contact us.

At this occasion, various minor bugs have also been fixed.