Bosch IoT Device Management - will be discontinued by mid 2024

2021-11-04 - Bosch IoT Rollouts - service update

The new release of Bosch IoT Rollouts, part of Bosch IoT Device Management, comes with the following improvements:

Invalidation of distribution sets

In order to stop the distribution of a distribution set, it can be invalidated by the Rollouts operator. A distribution set that is marked as invalid cannot be assigned anymore. Corresponding auto assignments will be disabled, rollouts can be stopped, and active actions can be canceled.

1.16.20 - Nov 04 2021

New Features

  • [MECS-15002] - Invalidation of distribution sets

  • [MECS-15004] - Cancel multiple actions when invalidating a distribution set

  • [MECS-14869] - Introduce target types


  • [MECS-15604] - Allow dots in metadata keys and attribute names

Bugs fixed

  • [MECS-15626] - DMF: Fix missing THING_DELETED message