Bosch IoT Device Management - will be discontinued by mid 2024

2021-05-11 - Bosch IoT Suite Console - service update

The latest version of Bosch IoT Suite Console comes with various improvements:

Certificate management notification

Bosch IoT Hub tenants can upload, replace or remove certificates for their devices. As soon as a certificate expires, this will be visible at the notifications.
The example screenshots shows an error for a certificate which is expired and a warning towards another certificate, which is about to expire.


See full example: Manage certificates for your Bosch IoT Hub tenant.

Demo device management

The virtual demo device version 2.0.0 implements additionally the "geolocation" feature.
The feature can be activated optionally when connecting the virtual device to our cloud infrastructure.

The example screenshots shows how the location data can be visualized on a map.


See full tutorial: Device connection - demo device.

Switch between subscriptions

The Bosch IoT Suite Console provides now the name of your current subscription in the top bar.

To open other subscriptions, simply click Switch subscription in the service subscription dialog and select another one. This might turn out useful, especially for developer teams, who work with several subscriptions.

See full example: Switch between subscriptions.