Bosch IoT Device Management - will be discontinued by mid 2024

2021-04-16 - Device Provisioning API update

The Device Provisioning API v1 has been improved to allow specifying a requested-acks parameter for the Bosch IoT Things related part of provisioning and de-provisioning.


Let us assume you provision a new device and - additionally to the request body - you request an acknowledgement from Bosch IoT Things: search-persisted.

The request in the scope of Bosch IoT Device Management might look like in the following snippet:<your-instance-id>/devices?authScope=deviceManagementSubscription&requested-acks=search-persisted&timeout=5s


Upon success you will get status code 201, the JSON result aggregated from Bosch IoT Hub and Bosch IoT Things, as well as various response headers.

As Bosch IoT Things would first persist the twin, and afterwards update the search index, the "search-persisted" is the "latest".

Therefore the complete response might delay for a second.
On the other hand, with "search-persisted" you get the guarantee that the search index is already updated for the newly created device.


Find more details at Acknowledgements.