Bosch IoT Device Management - will be discontinued by mid 2024

2021-02-11 - Bosch IoT Manager service updates

Recently, there have been improvements in Bosch IoT Manager, which is part of Bosch IoT Suite for Device Management.

Bosch IoT Manager

The new release of Bosch IoT Manager comes with the following improvements:

  • Added back pressure support for Bosch IoT Things event consumption

To improve stability and prevent overloading of the Device Inventory component, Bosch IoT Manager now adds back pressure support for Bosch IoT Things event consumption.

  • Added new mass management Java API methods

New mass management-related methods have been added to the Java API. These are:

- cancelDeviceInRule(String ruleId, String deviceId) - cancels a specific device execution involved the in scope of a rule.

- cancelDeviceInTask(String taskId, String deviceId) - cancels a specific device execution involved in the scope of a task.

These new methods can be considered as a lightweight alternative to the previously known:

- MassManagementEngine.getRule(ruleId).getInvolvedDeviceState(deviceId).cancel()

- MassManagementEngine.getTask(taskId).getInvolvedDeviceState(deviceId).cancel()

See the Bosch IoT Manager Javadoc for more information.

  • Optimized processing of mass managements tasks

This update of Bosch IoT Manager introduces optimizations that speed up the processing of tasks running on a large number of devices.

  • Added copy script functionality for features and feature actions in the UI

Previously, when using the Bosch IoT Manager console the scripts corresponding to features and feature actions were only visible as a tooltip and could not be easily copied. It is now possible to copy both the script corresponding to a particular feature and also the script corresponding to a feature action. Both are useful when defining mass management actions for tasks and rules.

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