Bosch IoT Device Management - will be discontinued by mid 2024

2019-12-11 - Service update

Bosch IoT Hub - based on its open source project Eclipse Hono - has improved the command-and-control pattern.

Within the scope of this improvement the following changes were done:

"The control prefix in the northbound and southbound Command & Control endpoints has been renamed to command. The endpoint names with the control prefix are still supported but deprecated. The northbound endpoint for business applications to receive command responses has the command_response prefix now. The old control prefix for the receiver address is also still supported but deprecated.”

The renaming in Bosch IoT Hub service was executed on 29th of August 2019. Please refer to Bosch IoT Hub - Release notes for details.

With the latest service update of Bosch IoT Things, the new command endpoint is supported respectively.

All new connections will use the new pattern by default to support device-to-cloud and cloud-to-device communication patterns alike.

Examples have been updated

  • Command and control - one-way

  • Command and control - request-response

Optional migration steps

In case you have an older package instance the deprecated type of connection will only work until February 2020.

In case you need to migrate it, use the Bosch IoT Things UI as an entry point.

The "Devices via Bosch IoT Hub" connection will be marked respectively as needed to be migrated.

Find detailed migrations steps at Bosch IoT Things >...> Connection - migration.