Update the address of a camera attached to a gateway

Our example shows how to change the address of a camera connected via a gateway.
The communication between the gateway and the camera follows the ONVIF protocol.

See Demos with ONVIF camera connected via gateway for the prerequisites.

The section is structured as follows:


Change the camera address by sending a message to the Configuration feature of a thing with ID com.mycompany.example:gateway-001:da:device:Cameras:1.

Below is an example of how this can be accomplished via the Bosch IoT Things API.


Use the API docs of Bosch IoT Things

  • Authorize with a fresh Suite OAuth token.
    See Device provisioning

  • Message resource:

    • POST /things/{thingId}/features/{featureId}/inbox/messages/{messageSubject}
      Send a message TO a specific feature of a specific thing.

    • Set thingId to com.mycompany.example:gateway-001:da:device:Cameras:1.
      Note: The thingId can be taken from Things dashboard.

    • Set featureId to Configuration
      Note: The featureId can be taken from Things dashboard.

    • Set messageSubject to updateCameraAddress
      Note: The updateCameraAddress is the operation name of respective functional item with ID da:item:Cameras:1:Configuration in gateway runtime. Use WebAdmin console in gateway runtime to get it.

    • Set the timeout parameter to 60 seconds.

    • Set the JSON body.
      To enter a new camera IP address, set the following request body:

      {"address": ""}
    • Click Execute


Check the returned response code and response message.

Check the result

In case everything was successful, you should see the updated address of the camera on the WebAdmin console provided by Bosch IoT Gateway Software.