Bosch IoT Device Management


Check your Arduino IDE

The versions are listed at Step 2 - Configure the Octopus.

Check for connectivity problems

  • WiFi problems are shown at the Arduino Serial Monitor.

  • Connection from the board to Bosch IoT Hub not open → check settings.h for the right configuration

  • Connection from device connectivity layer to the digital twin layer not open → check via Connections UI

  • In case the telemetry events arrived at the the digital twin layer but could not be applied, navigate to Connections UI > your connection > Metrics.
    The errors should be visible there.

Check for authorization problems

Device connectivity layer to the digital twin layer: Make sure that the authorization subject of the connection is the same as the one within the policy.

No device visible at the dashboard:

  • The UI works in the context of a user (service subscription owner), not in the context of the Suite token.
    The UI regards the Bosch ID as currently authenticated. Make sure that your Bosch ID is empowered via the thing policy respectively.

Check the Octopus

In case your Octopus has turned the red light on, check the Arduino Serial Monitor - at the upper right corner - to see details.

Case 1

Wrong device credentials.

  • Check the device password via the Hub HTTP API

  • Solution: Adjust the credentials at octopus-hub\settings.h

  • Upload this configuration again to the board

Case 2

In case the device is not allowed to publish to the digital twin layer:

  • Check the policy your.namespace:octopus-name via the Things HTTP API

  • By default the Hub connection which is created automatically only knows the subject integration:my-Solution-ID:hub

  • In case you need to empower another subject, you need to add it in the connection and in the policy.

Network error

In case of a network error message please re-check the policy and the connection.