Bosch IoT Device Management

Step 3 - Access your sensor data

Now, that the hard work was done, all the Octopus sensor values are reported to your cloud infrastructure.

Upon success all sensors listed at octopus.h from the sketch should now be initialized and visible as features within the thing entity.

The revision number is increased with each change (event) applied on the thing entity.

To check that everything went well, you can use the developer console. The live data received from the sensors is displayed there.

Use the developer console

During the provisioning step - based on the Eclipse Vorto information model - you have implicitly created the thing structure.

On the other hand, the firmware - you have flashed the device with - structures the sensor data in the same manner, such that the live sensor data received from the device match the thing features.

To view the features of a thing and their current property values:

  1. Navigate to the Things section (left sidebar of the developer console).

  2. Click the row of the thing belonging to your octopus.

  3. Click Features.


In the Features > Updates view, the features of your octopus are listed, and their current property values are displayed in the corresponding tiles.

As soon as the digital twin receives new sensor values, the tile of the related feature is highlighted.