Bosch IoT Device Management

Redelivering commands for open actions

When an update process is triggered, an install or download command for each included software module will be sent out to the device. In case it is offline at that time, the execution will be performed as soon as the device reports to be online.
If the device acknowledges receiving the message, the rule execution in the mass management layer (Bosch IoT Manager>Mass Management Engine) is considered as completed.

Bosch IoT Rollouts will wait for feedback from the device about the current update process by monitoring the "SoftwareUpdatable feature" (see SoftwareUpdatable feature detailed specification and integration guide).
If the device needs the command again for various reasons (unexpected error, reset/reboot, etc.), it can send a live message with the subject "ROLLOUTS_REDELIVER_COMMANDS" to trigger a resending of all install/download commands for the pending software updates.

Find the options for sending live messages in the following sections:

By default, this process automatically closes all open actions that are not in the "RUNNING" state.

If this is not preferred, the device can indicate this in the payload of the live message. Optionally, the payload can also contain a message which will then be shown in the history of the affected actions. This can be used, for example, to specify the reason for the request in order to inform the operator more precisely about the status of each individual device.

By default, the same correlation ID as in the previous execution is used when resending the command. If a new correlation ID is preferred, this can also be specified in the payload.

An example payload could look like this:

Live message payload
"message": "Request for open installation commands due to a factory reset triggered by the user",
"finishCancelActions": false,
"reuseCorrelationId" : false