Bosch IoT Device Management

Physical device connection - Arduino

This tutorial will show you how to connect an Arduino board and its sensors to Bosch IoT Suite.

To make this process significantly faster and smoother, you can use the open source code libraries contributed by the Bosch IoT Suite team.

The libraries contain an IoT Agent, which ensures the connectivity and communication between an Arduino device and Bosch IoT Suite, along with implementations of several board examples and features.

Even though the libraries are developed for selected Arduino boards, you can use them as an example of how to connect other boards with similar connectivity as well.

We will demonstrate the process with the Arduino Oplà IoT Kit, which includes an Arduino MKR WiFi 1010 board, as well as several sensors and accessories.


Image credit: Arduino

Once your Arduino device is connected to Bosch IoT Suite, you can access its values over the API.

This opens up plenty of opportunities to remotely monitor valuable data in your custom applications, as well as to process it within your IoT scenario.