Bosch IoT Suite

Open source basis

The Bosch IoT Suite is built on top of Eclipse IoT open source projects and industry standards. This open approach allows customers to enjoy all the benefits of fully managed cloud services while avoiding vendor lock-in. As another advantage, our partners and customers can influence the future development of the Bosch IoT Suite by participating in the underlying open source project communities.

Our strategy is to open and align all major elements of the Bosch IoT Suite within the open source ecosystem of Eclipse IoT.

Eclipse Hono project

Eclipse Hono provides remote service interfaces for connecting large numbers of IoT devices to a back end and interacting with them in a uniform way regardless of the device communication protocol.

The Bosch IoT Hub service is based on and powered by the open source project Eclipse Hono.


Eclipse Ditto project

Eclipse Ditto is a framework for providing the "Digital Twin" pattern for IoT applications in order to interact with IoT devices.

The Bosch IoT Things service is based on and powered by the open source project Eclipse Ditto.


Eclipse Vorto project

Eclipse Vorto comprises of the meta information model, the tool set to create information models, the code generators and the repository to manage existing information models.

The Bosch IoT Suite for Asset Communication integrates with information models and function blocks created with the open source project Eclipse Vorto.


Further open source project roots of our Suite

Some of the other Bosch IoT Suite service teams, do also actively participate in the Eclipse IoT working group, and have initiated projects to create an open source stack of components for the IoT.

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