Manage your things via developer console


After provisioning a device, you are able to view and manage the related thing in the developer console:

  1. Navigate to the Things section (left sidebar of the developer console).

  2. This view will display all available things in the context of your user (service subscription owner).
    It offers various management actions for e.g. search, filter, sort and delete.

  3. Make sure that your newly registered thing is listed there.

Select the thing you are interested in, to see its details.

You can enlarge or collapse nearly all views according to your needs.


The Thing view gives you access to:

  • manage attributes,

  • manage features and view updated features,

  • send a message from/to the thing,

  • view a representation of the thing in JSON format,

  • manage associated entities like policy ,

  • and device (credentials).

Upon configuration, the Things view can also display whether or not a device is connected to Hub service and is ready for communication.
Find details at Reflect device connectivity status in thing.