Bosch IoT Device Management

Manage your devices


All devices registered in your namespace should be visible in the Devices view.

  • This view will display all available devices in the context of your user (service subscription owner).
    It offers various management actions e.g. search, filter, sort and delete.

  • Make sure that your newly registered device is listed there.

Click a device, to see its details.

You can enlarge or collapse nearly all views according to your needs.


The Device view gives you access to:

  • manage Attributes,

  • watch updates of Features properties coming from the physical device, or to change them in the manage features view,

  • send a Message (aka live message) from or to the thing, e.g. to trigger an operation at the physical device,

  • view a representation of the thing in JSON format,

  • manage the Policy,

  • manage the Credentials (in the context of the device connectivity layer Bosch IoT Hub),

  • see the Executions of Tasks or Rules, where the selected device was involved.

Click the Filter icon on the top bar of the devices list.

This will expand the left column, where you can manage filters to organize your devices hierarchically, in groups, etc. according to your needs.

The device list directly reflects your filter settings which you can store and reuse later, e.g. to define a device scope for bulk operations.


Find details at Device sets and filters