Bosch IoT Device Management


What is Bosch IoT Device Management?

Bosch IoT Device Management is a proven and feature-rich integrated solution for device management and software update management throughout the entire life cycle of your fleet of devices.
The solution supports multiple communication protocols out-of-the-box and allows connecting various classes of gateways and devices. It enables device manufacturers and administrators to address a wide range of device management use cases, and offers sophisticated capabilities to manage and deploy software updates.

Problem fields covered by the solution


Device connectivity

How to efficiently connect millions of devices using different protocols and legacy devices?

Our answer is a fully managed cloud service, which provides:

  • Device registration and authorization management

  • Connectivity to cloud infrastructures for heterogeneous device landscapes

  • Support of various protocols

This Device connectivity services layer is covered by Bosch IoT Hub (powered by Eclipse Hono).

Additionally, device connectivity at the edge can be enabled by Bosch IoT Edge if used in combination with Bosch IoT Device Management.

Digital twins

How to keep the physical and the virtual world coordinated?

Our digital twins approach enables:

  • Abstract representation of your devices and their capabilities as a digital twins, which are "always on"

  • Access to devices of different types in a unified way "device-as-a-service"

  • Support for many out-of-the-box integration technologies

  • Fine grained access control

This Digital twins services layer is covered by Bosch IoT Things (powered by Eclipse Ditto).

Mass management of devices

How to remotely configure devices and gateways in order to reduce manual efforts?

Our device management layer comes with:

  • Remote configuration of the devices

  • Diagnostics and troubleshooting

  • Mass management (bulk) operations

  • Configuration backup and recovery

  • Update history

  • Monitoring and reporting of devices

Main service employed for this layer is Bosch IoT Manager, see Device management concepts.

Additionally, device management at the edge can be enabled by Bosch IoT Edge if used in combination with Bosch IoT Device Management.

Software updates

How to efficiently update millions of devices and rollout of security updates?

The layer for software and firmware updates offers:

  • Software and firmware updates over the air (SOTA, FOTA)

  • Provisioning and updating software on gateways and devices

  • Large-scale rollout and campaign management through a managed rollout flow

    • Definition of groups of provisioning targets

    • Time- or trigger-based bulk assignment of updates to each group

    • Detailed logistics of a planned rollout

Main service employed for this layer is Bosch IoT Rollouts (powered by Eclipse hawkBit).

Additionally, software update at the edge can be enabled by Bosch IoT Edge if used in combination with Bosch IoT Device Management.

Solution composition

With just one booking, you get access to multiple services of the Bosch IoT Suite, and pre-configured, integrated layers.

Thanks to its pre-configured character, all layers work smoothly with one another and supplement each other in terms of functionality.

Key features

  • Device registration via Bosch IoT Hub: One-time registration of devices and gateways via the central device provisioning API of the Bosch IoT Suite; automatic registration of all IoT devices connected via a gateway.

  • Digital twins stored in Bosch IoT Things: Stay up-to-date with the latest known state of your connected devices.

  • Receive telemetry data and events: Ability to receive telemetry data and events from your devices.

  • Remote device control: Ability to remotely control your devices by setting configuration properties that are transmitted to them, or by remote invocation of device operations.

  • Authorization management: Unified authorization by Suite OAuth tokens (JWT issued by our Suite OAuth infrastructure).

  • Remote device maintenance: Enables users to view the status and control the state of devices.

  • Large-scale batch device management automation: Powerful rule-based execution of mass management tasks.

  • Remote access: Provides remote access for apps and application servers to gateways and devices.

  • Device inventory: Inventory that holds the devices including the full software update history, and is used to organize devices in flexibly defined groups.

  • Software repository: Manages software distribution and ships artifacts via a worldwide content delivery network.

  • Single software updates and campaign management: Easy definition of campaigns for large groups of devices.

  • Device and software management at the edge: Performs over-the-air (OTA) installation and update of containers, firmware updates over-the-air (FOTA).

  • Reporting and monitoring: Reporting, audit logging, and rollout monitoring to keep track of campaigns.

  • Console: The web UI and entry point with quick access to intro material, all services, documentation & APIs supports efficient work and advanced edit options for power users.

Further benefits

  • Open source foundation: Bosch IoT Device Management is based on and powered by Eclipse Hono™, Eclipse Ditto™, and Eclipse hawkBit™ open source projects.

  • Pre-configured: Persistent connection between the device connectivity layer and the digital twin layer as well as between the digital twin layer and the device management and mass-management layer.
    Thus, solution developers do not have to individually configure the services provided with Bosch IoT Device Management.

  • Related Bosch IoT Suite services: Bosch IoT Device Management comprises Bosch IoT Edge, Bosch IoT Hub, Bosch IoT Things, Bosch IoT Manager, and Bosch IoT Rollouts.

  • Available on: Bosch IoT Device Management runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS)