Bosch IoT Device Management

Guided tour with screencasts

Welcome to our video tutorials section.

Here you will find easy-to-digest content suitable for people who are at the very beginning of discovering Bosch IoT Suite and its features.

All footage material you will see in our screencasts is also backed with the complete steps in written form, which you can find in the corresponding tutorials, getting started or how-to guides.

The screencasts listed on this page cover the most easy-to-access entry points into our topics. To get started efficiently, we recommend watching them in the following order.

Table of contents

Meet Bosch IoT Suite

2:28 min - Bosch IoT Suite at a Glance

Get a first overview on how we use Bosch IoT Suite for our customer projects.

Watch this short animation about the Bosch IoT capabilities and areas of application.

Book the service

3:21 min - Subscribe to Bosch IoT Device Management

This is the opening tutorial of the series on how to get started with Bosch IoT Device Management. With it you will learn how to get your service instance and how to proceed to the web UIs.

Explore main use cases through the Virtual Demo Device

Provisioning, telemetry and remote control

Software update

Data visualization

12:08 min

This tutorial will help you get started with Bosch IoT Device Management without having special hardware or deeper technical knowledge.

It will show you how to provision a simulated IoT device and connect it to our cloud infrastructure, how to consume telemetry data and how to send remote commands to the device. This is the first part of a series based on this simulated smart device, and more use cases – such as software updates and data visualization - will be illustrated in the following videos.


8:26 min

This tutorial will help you get started with Bosch IoT Device Management without having special hardware or deeper technical knowledge.

It is based on our simulated smart device - called Virtual Demo Device - which you can open in a browser or on your cell phone. To follow the steps here you need to first fulfill the steps illustrated in part 1 – Provisioning, telemetry and remote control.

Here, in the second part of our Virtual Demo Device series, we will show you how to prepare and trigger a software update on this device. NB: When you replicate the steps of this tutorial, please make sure to create the right Software Module type and Distribution type, as this device would only accept a type whose key is DemoUpdate.


14:29 min

In this episode of the Virtual Demo Device tutorial series, we will show you how to use Bosch IoT Device Management and Bosch IoT Insights in order to visualize historic and real-time data sent by the sensors of your connected smart device.

You can follow the steps of this tutorial without any special hardware or deeper technical knowledge. However, you need to provision your device as explained in the 1st episode – Provisioning, telemetry and remote control.


Tutorial timestamps:

  • Create a namespace: 1:36

  • Provision your device: 2:18

  • Connect your device: 4:05

  • Telemetry use case (sensors): 6:16

  • Remote control use case (actors): 7:22

  • Parallel with the Manager UI: 9:35

Tutorial timestamps:

  • Why software updates: 0:39

  • Adjust the demo device policy: 0:50

  • Explore the softwareUpdates feature: 1:52

  • Enter the Rollouts UI: 2:12

  • Rollouts UI - Deployment view: 2:27

  • Rollouts UI - Upload view: 2:49

  • Create a new software module: 3:00

  • Upload an artifact: 4:15

  • Rollouts UI - Distributions view: 4:38

  • Create a new distribution set: 5:02

  • Trigger the software update: 6:12

  • Monitor the progress: 6:50

  • Recap and what’s next: 8:00

Tutorial timestamps:

  • Previous episodes overview: 0:15

  • Current episode outline: 0:35

  • Prepare the required subscriptions: 1:00

  • Create a new connection between the two subscriptions: 2:15

  • Adjust the device policy: 3:55

  • Connect the device: 5:44

  • Create a query template for the compass feature: 6:10

  • Create a widget using its data: 8:03

  • Arrange widgets on dashboard: 10:18

  • Create a query template for the geolocation feature: 10:34

  • Create a widget using its data: 11:20

  • Adjust widget size on dashboard: 12:30

  • Recap and what’s next: 13:20

Get familiar with the Manger UI

Register a device with Bosch IoT Manager

Explore your device with Bosch IoT Manager


This is a tutorial on how to register a device with Bosch IoT Manager, part of our video series dedicated to Bosch IoT Device Management. You will learn how to create a namespace, download, install and start a demo gateway device, register it via the Bosch IoT Manager Console and view it in the Device Management perspective of the dashboard. As our demo device, we are going to use the Bosch IoT Edge Agent for Linux (x86_64), which is available with your free service package subscription.


12:14 min

This is a tutorial on how to use the Manager UI. With it you will explore an already provisioned gateway device and you will learn about the different device types and device lists, device attributes, features and operations. In addition, you will see how to create a new container in order to deploy your custom logic. Understanding these components will help you move smoothly to mass management campaigns and software updates. You will have a deeper look at the dashboard of Bosch IoT Manager and a glimpse of the Developer Console.


Tutorial timestamps:

  • Create a namespace 0:44

  • Edge Downloads 1:40

  • Device Provisioning Wizard 2:49

  • Save Provisioning JSON 3:57

  • Install and start Bosch IoT Edge Agent 4:28

  • View device through Bosch IoT Manager Console 4:47

  • View device through Developer Console 05:29

Tutorial timestamps:

  • Device list: 1:15

  • Stack overview and virtual device explanation: 1:25

  • Grouping devices: 2:30

  • Device components: 2:47

  • Attributes vs features: 5:15

  • Feature info fields and copy script: 8:27

  • ContainerFactory feature explained: 9:12

  • Example of how to create a container: 9:32

  • Developer Console view: 10:15

Estimate your project costs with the online calculator

Bosch IoT Suite pricing calculator

15:32min This tutorial will help you navigate through our pricing calculator and show you how to use it for your device management projects cost estimate.
Feel free to try it out for proof of concept and production scenarios.
You will get a better understanding of the configuration categories where you enter project data, and of the cost breakdown categories where your cost estimate will be reflected.
You will learn where to check detailed information and examples, and how to save your calculations for further discussions.
All of this is presented through the lens of a smart home use case with two stakeholders – the device manufacturer and developer of a smart home application, and the end user of the devices and the application.
Enjoy watching!


Tutorial timestamps:

  • Where to find the calculator: 0:44

  • Project capabilities: 0:56

  • The use case: 1:43

  • Free vs Standard plan: 2:35

  • Exploring the calculator: 3:25

  • Project data | Device information: 5:00

  • Digital twin updates: 7:00

  • Live messages: 7:43

  • Notifications: 9:30

  • Digital twin reads: 10:32

  • Software updates: 11:05

  • Total cost: 12:20

  • Scaling: 12:36

  • Additional notes: 13:43

  • Adding further capabilities: 14:20

  • Recap: 14:45