Bosch IoT Suite

First configuration steps


The default configuration happens automatically.
However, you will need to set a namespace. Each package instance, needs at least one default namespace to allocate the digital twins of your assets accordingly.

Prerequisite: You have subscribed your own service instance. For details, see Subscribe an Asset Communication package instance.

The first configuration of your package instance includes the following steps:

Register a namespace

For each package instance, you need at least one default namespace to allocate the digital twins of your assets accordingly.

  1. Starting from your Service Subscriptions page click Go to Developer Console.

  2. The Bosch IoT Suite Console opens in a new browser tab.

  3. Click Namespaces

  4. Click the plus icon to add a namespace

  5. Enter a namespace name in the field.
    The namespace can be anything, as long as it conforms to the reverse domain name notation, e.g., as in our case.
    However, it needs to be unique, i.e. you cannot register the exact same namespace for multiple instances.

  6. The search index fields are set to the defaults which are most convenient for the Device Management package to work properly.

    1. More search index fields can be added later if needed.

    2. The required fields are the minimum necessary and cannot be deactivated.

  7. Click Save.


Check your connection

Your package instance is automatically pre-configured to be allowed to send messages to the cloud infrastructure.

However, please make sure the connection is active.

Starting at the Bosch IoT Suite Console, click the Connection entry in the left navigation.

In case the Connection entry is not there, use the search, and click the star icon to pin it to your navigation bar.

The connections UI opens in a new browser tab, as it is not fully integrated in Bosch IoT Suite Console yet.


Devices via Bosch IoT Hub

The connection named Devices via Bosch IoT Hub is automatically created to link the connectivity layer with the digital twin layer.

Make sure that your connection is active by looking at the plug symbol. In the example below the connection is open and will work.
In case the connection shows the unplugged icon on the left side click to select it and click Open connection.

  1. Open the Connections/Integrations tab to see the entries created automatically during the package subscription process.

  2. The automatically created connection is named Devices via Bosch IoT Hub.


A warning marker next to a connection with a plugged icon should not bother you to much for now. It simply indicates that some messages could not be dispatched in time.

If you need to understand how a connection works, and how to change the configuration according to your needs, see Devices via Bosch IoT Hub connection.

You now have successfully created a namespace and checked your connection.
You are ready to register your devices for your IoT scenario.