First configuration steps


The default configuration already happened automatically.
However, you will need to set a namespace. The easiest way to do it, is via Things dashboard.

Register a namespace

  1. Use the Go to Dashboard link from your Service Subscriptions page as an entry point.

  2. The Things UI will open in a new browser tab.

  3. Navigate to Namespace.

  4. Enter a namespace. The namespace needs to conform the reverse domain name notation, e.g.

  5. Click Submit namespace to save it.

Check your connection

Your instance is automatically pre-configured to be allowed to send messages to our cloud infrastructure. However, please make sure the connection active.

  1. Open the Connections/Integrations tab to see the entries created automatically during the package booking process.

  2. The automatically created connection is named "Devices via Bosch IoT Hub".

  3. In case the connection is not open or it faces other problems, the icon in the left side will visually indicate the need for troubleshooting.
    The easy way to try fixing it is to close and re-open it. If the problem is not solved please contact our support teams.

See Hub to Things connection for a later point in time, when you potentially need to understand how a connection works and how to change the configuration to your needs.

you are ready to register your devices for your IoT scenario