Bosch IoT Device Management

Device data model

Device entities within the device connectivity layer are representations of physical or logical IoT devices. They are managed and persisted within the Bosch IoT Hub - Management API component.

Device representations within the device connectivity layer are structured as shown below.

  • All devices belong to exactly one tenant.

  • One device has assigned zero or more credentials.

  • Credentials consist of multiple secrets.


The authentication is loosely coupled to the Device Identity, allowing the user to choose different authentication mechanisms for different protocols.
To allow rotation of authentication credentials, a credential entity may contain multiple secrets with the time span of their validity, see Device authentication for a more detailed description.

The device data model allows very easily to deactivate the devices if the device property “enabled” is set to “false”.

The deactivation can be executed if the device is not used any more and should be replaced with a new one, that is why the old device will be deactivated.

Another use case can be that the device is compromised and the connectivity between such device and the cloud services should be forbidden.