Bosch IoT Device Management

Device connection - demo device

The content of this text-based tutorial is also available as a series of videos on our Bosch IO YouTube channel.

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This guide will help you connect a virtual device to the Bosch IoT Suite.

The VirtualDemoDevice device comes with several features:

  • a compass and a switch which help you understand how we ingest data from a device;
    optionally you can also use the geolocation coordinates,

  • an LED and a display which help you understand how you can communicate to the device,

  • and software update simulation.

For more details, see its Vorto model.
There we store all the details about what the demo device is able to handle.

Once your device is registered with our cloud service, you can access its values at the Bosch IoT Suite Console as well as via API.


In this example, you will use the Bosch IoT Suite infrastructure and learn how to register a device and access its values over the API.

Demo device > HTTP > connectivity layer > managed connection > digital twin layer > HTTP > Bosch IoT Suite UI

For software updates, the data flow is directed to the device:
Demo device < HTTP < connectivity layer < managed connection < digital twin layer < mass management layer < Bosch IoT Rollouts UI


Depending on how familiar you are with our concepts and how many of the steps you like to proceed, the tutorial would take you at least 30 minutes.

  • If you have only 30 minutes left, you should be able to register the device and connect it to the Bosch IoT Suite services.

  • The software update scenario might take you another 30 minutes up to one hour, depending on how familiar you are with the Bosch IoT Rollouts UI.

  • In case you want to see your data visualized on a custom dashboard, try out the extension with Bosch IoT Insight, which will keep you busy for another 30 minutes.

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