Bosch IoT Device Management

Device Inventory

Device Inventory is one of the main components of Bosch IoT Manager along with the Mass Management Engine and the IoT Manager Console. It provides capabilities for monitoring device states and configurations, as well as for listing, filtering and grouping devices, which is also used in the execution of mass management operations. The Device Inventory also supports instant execution of management actions over the manageable devices in a convenient way.

The Device Inventory can be perceived as extending the functionalities offered by the Bosch IoT Things service by adding the concepts of a device, a gateway, and their corresponding relations. It provides a more convenient way for the operator to send commands in accordance to the Vorto model concept without the need to know the actual command message format. It facilitates the interaction between Bosch IoT Things and the end-user, translating the user input and commands into the format understood by Bosch IoT Things. In addition, the Device Inventory provides a single API for access to all the functionalities that will facilitate the development of custom IoT solutions, which have to manipulate digital twins of devices.

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