Bosch IoT Device Management

Deploy a software update on your gateway


Follow the step-by-step description on following pages:

This chapter reflects the functionalities of the software updates layer of Bosch IoT Device Management, fulfilled by Bosch IoT Rollouts.

If you are using Bosch IoT Rollouts as a standalone service, please read the Bosch IoT Rollouts documentation. This is important, as some functionalities and workflows work differently with a Bosch IoT Rollouts subscription.

Why you need software updates

With firmware and software updates over the air (aka FOTA and SOTA) you can efficiently safeguard your IoT devices against the multiple threats which arise since the moment they get connected to the Internet. Such updates also allow you to remotely enrich the feature sets of your devices deployed in the field, which reduces the frequency with which you need to design, manufacture, and release new device models.

You can easily organize and deploy the firmware and software updates for your devices with Bosch IoT Device Management and in particular its software updates layer, Bosch IoT Rollouts.
In a nutshell, the process involves creating software modules of the types supported by your devices and uploading the relevant software artifacts to these modules; then grouping the software modules into distribution sets of the relevant type and triggering a deployment on the target devices.