Demos with a dimmer device based on ZigBee protocol


At this point we assume you have proceeded with all the steps at Getting started and are familiar with the concepts at Gateway Software Protocol Adapter.

Assuming you have already connected a gateway with gatewayId: gateway-001 in namespace: com.mycompany.example, you can now proceed with connecting a ZigBee edge device (dimmer) to the gateway.

Thing ID: com.mycompany.example:gateway-001:da:device:ZigBee:3

Connected dimmer

Once connected, the dimmer is represented by the following DA Functional Items:

  • da:device:ZigBee:3 – the actual Device Functional Item.

  • da:item:ZigBee:3:1:Identifier – identifies the specific physical device.

  • da:item:ZigBee:3:1:TransitionActuator – represents an actuator that can change one value to another with a transition period. This FI provides a $set.configuration/<property-name> operation.
    See Set a new dimmer level value

  • da:item:ZigBee:3:1:ZigBeeFirmwareUpdate – provides options for firmware updates and information about the current firmware.