Demos with a camera


At this point we assume you have proceeded with all the steps at Getting started and are familiar with the concepts at Gateway Software Protocol Adapter.

Assuming you have already connected a gateway with gatewayId: gateway-001 in namespace: com.mycompany.example, you can now proceed with connecting a camera edge device to the gateway.

Thing ID: com.mycompany.example:gateway-001:da:device:Cameras:4

Connected camera

Once connected, the camera is represented by the following DA Functional Items (depending on the specific edge device)

  • da:device:Cameras:4 – the actual Device Functional Item.
    The following FI operations are demonstrated in Update the address of a camera attached to a gateway

  • da:item:Cameras:4:1:Configuration – support for camera configuration.

  • da:item:Cameras:4:1:BasicHTTPActuator – provides support for camera basic HTTP control

  • da:item:Cameras:4:1:Detector – represents a detector that can register presence, change or something else.

  • da:item:Cameras:4:1:ImageProvider – provides support for images. This FI provides operations: imageFormats, imageProtocols, getImageURL, and getImageResolutions.
    See example for getImageURL in Get a snapshot image URI

  • da:item:Cameras:4:1:MoveActuator – provides support for camera moving control

  • da:item:Cameras:4:1:PresetsProvider – provides support for camera presets control.

  • da:item:Cameras:4:1:ProfilesProvider – provides support for camera stream profiles control.

  • da:item:Cameras:4:1:RecordActuator – provides support for camera record control.

  • da:item:Cameras:4:1:VideoProvider – provides support for video contents. This FI provides operations: videoFormats, videoProtocols, getVideoURL, and getVideoResolutions.
    See example for getVideoURL in Get video stream URI

  • da:item:Cameras:4:1:ZoomActuator – provides support for camera zooming control.

Video demonstration

The following videos show an instance of the Bosch IoT Suite for Asset Communication package. A camera has been registered via a gateway, which is based on Bosch IoT Gateway Software.

After initial provisioning, a developer needs to sign in with his Bosch ID in order to see the camera listed as a thing on the dashboard.