Bosch IoT Suite

Check your connectivity and successful digital twin updates

To check connectivity between devices and Bosch IoT Suite you can send a telemetry message from your device and check that the data are transferred from the device via Bosch IoT Hub to Bosch IoT Things.

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At this point we assume you have already followed the sections:

How to execute

Turn your device on

We assume the device driver was successful in connecting to Bosch IoT Hub, and that it is sending telemetry messages, e.g. via MQTT protocol.

Check connectivity metrics

You can now check if telemetry data has been successfully ingested:

  • From your Service Subscriptions page, click "Go to Things Dashboard"

  • Navigate to Connections/Integrations and click the Device via Bosch IoT Hub connection to see its details.

  • Open the Metrics tab of your connection to see the current statistics about messages.
    In case your device is sending data, you should see success entries.
    That proves, that the connection is open and ready to ingest data.

  • You can "Reset metrics" to delete all old metrics, and activate "Refresh automatically".
    Then, you will see here only the new ones, which most probably are emitted by your device, and routed successfully via Bosch IoT Hub.

  • To track a log entry, first of all you will need to enable logging (default time frame is 1 hour).
    Open the Log entries tab and click the respective button.

  • In case your device is still sending data, these log entries can be now filtered in the log entries view and analyzed.

  • Example: Enrich your thing with a new attribute.
    At the Metrics table, click the number in the dispatched row.
    The log entry view would look like in the following sample.


Check if your digital twin shows the latest values

Use the Things dashboard to check if your thing representing the digital twin of your device is updated.

See Make things accessible for the Things dashboard for details in how to adjust the thing policy (in case the Things UI is not allows to see the thing yet).

Alternatively, use the Developer Console, see Manage your things via Bosch IoT Suite Console.

Check the log files on your gateway

In case you employ a gateway for connecting your edge devices, you might need to also consult those log files.

Find a brief example on how to employ the logging mechanisms at Edge services examples >Logging