Building blocks

Main elements

  • Bosch IoT Hub cloud service,

  • Bosch IoT Things cloud service,

  • Bosch IoT Gateway Software

  • Accessible via Java APIs and HTTP APIs,

  • Providing a dashboard for connection management, as well as browsing your IoT assets.

Additional elements

  • Suite Authorization - a service for creating tokens to establish the "trust" between your instances.
    This component is not subject to be made available stand-alone as the other Bosch IoT Suite services would, but is usable implicitly for all service instances subscribed as a package.

  • Device Provisioning API - The HTTP endpoint for one-time registration of your devices and gateways



To accomplish the requirements on scalable and secure ingestion of large volumes of device data, the "Bosch IoT Suite for Asset Communication" comes with various building blocks of our Suite services

  • Bosch IoT Hub - is the main building block responsible for connecting your device to our cloud infrastructure.
    In this software layer, each of your physical device is represented as a device, with a device ID and credentials.
    As multiple customers can subscribe for this service, each subscription is separated via a tenant ID.

  • Bosch IoT Things - is the building block which keeps the device and its digital representation in sync.
    The main entity for the digital representation of your device is called thing. Its ID is composed of a namespace and a name, separated by a colon ":" character.
    As multiple customers can subscribe for this service, each subscription is separated via a solution ID.
    Each solution can manage multiple namespaces and connections.

  • Bosch IoT Gateway Software - is the building block, which brings connectivity and intelligence at the edge.
    This middleware stack allows modelling gateway resources such as edge devices, their capabilities and data as functional items.
    A device abstraction layer offers a unified interface for devices, regardless of the device type or connectivity protocol.
    Additionally, local rules execution and historical data store are available.

While subscribing the Bosch IoT Suite for Asset Communication our service broker already sets up some of the required identifier:

  • Your service instance ID - is globally unique

  • Owner is the user (Bosch ID) who was authenticated at the point in time when subscribing the package.

  • Your tenant ID - for Bosch IoT Hub

  • Your solution ID - for Bosch IoT Things, however a namespace is not created out of the box.

After subscribing the Bosch IoT Suite for Asset Communication you will also have access to

  • Download links and license files for Bosch IoT Gateway Software and its add-ons.
    The license files are generated based on the information from the subscription.

  • A default pre-configured connection between your Hub and Things instance

  • The Hub and the Thing subscriptions are prepared as possible scopes for Suite authorization tokens, however the Suite OAuth client is not created out of the box.