Bosch IoT Suite

Auth for messaging from Things to Hub to Device and back

Device integration: forwarding desired device data from Things to Hub and back

When your business solution will later try to send data towards Bosch IoT Things (e.g. send a new configuration threshold to the device), it will need to authenticate with an authorization subject empowered in the thing policy.
The policy can be adjusted to your project needs by adding further entries, and thus empowering other technical clients and users.

For the Things to Hub communication, the sender would need write permission on the messages resource. Moreover, the authorization subject for the target (configured within the connection) needs to be allowed to forward the message.

The response to report the success all the way back to the Things service (e.g. configuration threshold on the device has been changed) follows the same authentication and authorization mechanisms as described in the previous sections.
Additionally, we make use of correlations IDs to make sure the responses can be dispatched respectively.

Find a sample of a DEVICE policy entry in the Initial policy of the examples section.