Bosch IoT Suite

Auth for forwarding device data from Hub to Things

Device integration: forwarding device data from Hub to Things

As soon as your package subscription is successful, the connection between Bosch IoT Hub and Bosch IoT Things is already set up.

You can read the default settings (or change the settings if needed) via the Things dashboard.
To access the Things dashboard you will need to authenticate with the Bosch ID.
Open the list of your subscriptions > see the entry of your Suite for Asset Communication instance > Go to Things Dashboard > Connections/Integrations.

The pre-configured connection is called "Devices via Bosch IoT Hub".

When your device will later try to send its data to Bosch IoT Hub, the data will be forwarded to Bosch IoT Things respectively, based on the authorization subject of the connection sources.
By default, the subject within the connection is created automatically, and follows the pattern integration:<your-things-solution-id>:hub .
In order to authorize a change (e.g. set new sensor measured value as a feature property value) the things policy is applied. Thus, please note, that the subject in the connection sources will additionally need write permission in terms of the thing policy.

For an update (put) thing request, write thing permissions within the policy should be sufficient. However, with read and write you will be on the safe site for such a scenario (because write does not implicitly include read permission).

Find a sample of a DEVICE policy entry in the Initial policy of the examples section.