Bosch IoT Device Management

2022-06-22 - Bosch IoT Suite UI - service update

The new release of the user interface of Bosch IoT Device Management - aka developer console - introduces new features and improvements.

Share button

For better collaboration within a team and with customers, the UI provides a new share button in the top tool bar to share a page with other colleagues .


As even within the same organization, the team will be able to see all service instances, the shared link holds the service-instance ID which helps to reduce ambiguity in communication or support requests.

The link follows the pattern:

Custom RQL filter

The section Device sets and filters of the Devices view allow you now to define your own filter, by simply setting a valid RQL expression, which can be combined with the criteria of other filter sections.

Find details at Device sets and filters > Custom RQL.

Improvement for Rule creation

When you have finished creating your rule, you can enable the rule immediately. In addition, certain rule actions (enable, disable, fire) can be accessed directly.

Find details at Create a rule

At this occasion, various minor bugs have also been fixed.