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Q: What is Anomaly Detection and what should I use it for?

A: Anomaly Detection Service (hereafter ADS) is a cloud-based analytics service running in Bosch IoT Cloud (hereafter BIC) and AWS. ADS is primarily meant for finding the patterns in the data that do not conform to the expected behavior.

Q: How do I get started with using Anomaly Detection service?

A: In order to get started, you would first need to register for the ADS with a subscription plan, refer to Suite Marketplace.
For more information, please refer to the Getting Started tutorial.

In case you face any issue while registering or login, reach out to the support team.

Q: What does Anomaly Detection service offer?

A: The Anomaly Detection Service offers the:

  • Import/export data from/to local file system, managed MySQL DB & MongoDB
  • Semantic enrichment & aggregation of time-series
  • Apply analytics algorithms for instance, One Class Support Vector Machine, Multi Dimensional Scaling etc
  • Visualization of the analytics results

Billing and Subscription

Q: How much does it cost to use Anomaly Detection service?

A: You can start using the two months’ free trial of ADS any time, no credit card required. Alternatively you can subscribe to our Starter plan or get in touch for details about the Premium plan.

Q: What resources are available when using a Free Trial subscription of ADS?

A: With the ADS Free Trial, you will get 2 hours of shared execution time per month and a data upload facility up to 200 MB per month.

Q: Is ADS an on-premises or cloud solution?

A: Currently, ADS is a cloud service which runs in Bosch IoT Cloud and AWS. In future, we are going to deploy it to other clouds and run-time environments.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you are interested in this option.

Q: What happens to my data, in case I choose to opt-out from the ADS?

A: We adhere to the Privacy Guide. If you upload any data to the Anomaly Detection cloud service, you can be sure that nobody except you can read or else use this data. However, we urge you to respect your customer's privacy and carefully think through what customer and/or device data you use in any data analytics solution.

Q: What is the ADS SLA (Service Level Agreement) for availability and uptime?

A: ADS SLA for availability, uptime & connectivity applies only to the paid customers. There is no SLA for the user on a Free Trial Subscription.

Planned Maintenance: We will send all relevant bits of information to the email provided in the subscription (at least a week in advance).

Please make sure that the email provided in the subscription is current and active.

Unplanned Maintenance/Outage:  In the event of an unplanned service outage on either BIC or ADS, we will update you via email with the details as soon as possible.

Uptime: Generally, we thrive to provide our customers an uptime of 99%, but in case we fall below your free trial phase can be prolonged to compensate the lost service availability.


Q: What are the ways I can access Anomaly Detection Service?

A: In addition to the Web interface, ADS also provides REST APIs to create, read, update, clone and delete configurations, start a job, read the jobs summary and details, and download the output and execution logs.

Q: What are the different format of data that can be used for ingestion into the Anomaly Detection service?

A: ADS operates in a batch mode and for the input data to be analyzed, you can either upload a CSV file (or on request connect to a MySQL/MongoDB database instance present in the BIC or AWS).

Please reach out to the support team if you need any further information.

Q: What are the different formats an output of the Anomaly Detection service can be saved?

A: You can choose to write the output either to a CSV file and download it (or on request write it to a MySQL/MongoDB database instance present in the BIC or AWS by providing the connection and authentication details).

Please reach out to the support team if you need any further information.

Q: What are the different analysis algorithms and techniques implemented in ADS to detect anomalies?

A: ADS uses MDS (Multidimensional Scaling), One-Class SVM (Support Vector Machine) & Elliptic Envelop to identify the anomalies.

Q: Do you provide any training?

A: We have a Getting Started Tutorial and a recorded video/webinar explaining how to use the ADS.

For further inquiries, please reach out to the support team.


Q: I have executed a configuration, but it has failed or hasn’t finished yet?

A: The first place to look for errors will be the execution logs, you can access them from the context menu of the configuration. In case, you aren’t able to comprehend the reasons why an execution has failed or not finished yet, please contact the support team

Q: I am getting ‘out-of-memory’ or similar errors in the logs?

A: Please reach out to the support team so that we can check if there is any possibility to help you.

However, please note that the free subscription plan only includes a quota of 2 hours of shared execution time per month and a data upload facility up to 200 MB per month.

Q: I am unable to log into ADS

A: This can happen due to several possible reasons. Here are a few checks you can make:

  1. Did you enter the correct username?
  2. Did you enter the correct password? 
  3. You’ve not exceeded the total number of attempts to log in.
  4. In case you’ve forgotten your password, try to reset it, and log in again with new the password.
  5. If you are not able to access the log in page of ADS, try accessing it through another device or using the REST API

If you are still unable to log into ADS, please get in touch with our support team.


In case you have any specific requirement, we would love to discuss it in detail with you and implement a PoC too.

For more information on our services, pricing, feedback, general enquiries or technical issues, please drop an email to our support team. Our support team’s email address is We usually reply within 2 working days.

Please also get in touch, if you would like to see any specific new services or features, or have ideas to improve our existing services.


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Version: Anomaly Detection 1.7.3 (Prunus)
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